Listening to Olivia, eighth grade philanthropist!

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Youth Philanthropist Olivia

We see thousands of student volunteers every year, most are amazing! Some are extraordinary and then there is Olivia. To call Olivia super extraordinary or unbelievable, would be an understatement!

Olivia has volunteered with us for five months and in that time has directly helped hundreds of local children receive clothes, books, toys and other basic essentials. Recently she arrived with bags and bags full of brand new items to donate.

We asked her to tell us in writing what was going on and here is what she told us – ” I was first introduced to GiftsToGive while on a field trip with my fellow classmates and teachers from the Albert F. Ford Middle School here in Acushnet. After spending half of a school day volunteering in the building, I decided I would begin coming back throughout the summer. Through the course of the summer I worked to assemble clothing packages for children. When I first assembled the packages, I was blown away by how many orders there were to be filled.

Ford Middle School

Ford Middle School
(Can you spot Olivia in the group?)

There are so many children out there that are in need, some my age, some not even a year old. It’s always been a dream of mine to be able to serve my community and do my part in the world; GiftsToGive gave me the opportunity to do that. I’ve been putting effort in to better the lives of others ever since, both by giving my time to GiftsToGive and encouraging other students and adults to do the same. Recently, my grandmother and grandfather gave me several pairs of pajamas to donate, as well as money to buy even more with. It may not seem like it, but a pair of new pajamas can make the biggest difference for a child who has little or nothing. That’s what people need to realize. Even the seemingly smallest of things can help. Thank you so much, Olivia.”

Our CEO Jim Stevens had this to say“When people talk to us about what is wrong with kids today, we smile, gently shake our heads left to right several times and when they stop talking, we tell them our Olivia story. This young women is a bright and shining light and for us – a most perfect example of what is possible and for sure, a great hope for her generation!”

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