New Bedford Masons continue to be a most perfect example of giving and service.


Jim Stevens and Bill Taylor

Joe Dawicki and Bill Taylor, (Past Master) of Abraham H. Howland Jr. Lodge visited with us on Friday and DOUBLED their annual Holiday gift to help us  reach even more local children. 

With over 80,000 SouthCoast children living in poverty, and with one in ten of these children homeless, it really does take a community coming together to help. We could say more about our local Masons, but Theodore Roosevelt said it best.

“I ask of each brother, that he shall remember ever that there is upon him a peculiar obligation to show himself in every respect a good citizen; for after all, the way he can best do his duty by the ancient order to which he belongs is by reflecting credit upon that order by way in which he performs his duty as a citizen to his community and to his country.” – Theodore Roosevelt



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