New Bedford Half Marathon 2014

Team Jared

Team Jared

For us there is a special meaning in the half-marathon!

We’re a stop for the wheelchair teams. We like it a lot – when we all work together, amazing things happen.

We’re grateful to the New Bedford Half Marathon Race Committee and The Friendly Sons of St. Patrick for their continuing financial support and we’re so very proud of them for making this half-marathon such an inclusive and wonderful event. Our special thank you to Paul Mello and the BayCoast Bank volunteers for managing the last of the Schwartz Center wheelchair stops along the marathon route.

Photos from the New Bedford Half-Marathon and a part of our day are here.

Our friend Daniel McCarthy talks all the time about a rising tide lifting all boats – we know he’s right! With over 30,000 SouthCoast children living in poverty – successful public education and healthy families are the only solutions. When we all come together to support all our children – then we’re on the way to tangible change and to paraphrase Seamus Heaney – “a time when hope and history rhyme”.


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