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Youth Philanthropy

GiftsToGive_december6-2014_ 038Last Saturday, we met a most remarkable girl, seven year-old philanthropist Lyla.

We see thousands of children every year and most are special, some beyond words, some are extra special, some are even extraordinary and then there is Lyla. I say this because this seven year-old had processed and understood how lucky she was and felt she needed to act on her feelings.

Today we received the attached note from her .. My name is Lyla I am seven years old and I am very fortunate. I was able to help local children and their families by donating toys that I don’t play with all of the time to GiftsToGive. I donated my play kitchen and all of the food, a toy microwave, a giant dollhouse with the furniture, two tea sets, a beanbag chair, a doll stroller, a couple of dolls, dress up clothes and regular clothes and shoes too.

I had not given any of these things away before because it was too hard, but when I imagined the little girl who might not get a toy opening one of my toys for Christmas I thought of her giggling and being happy. I wanted a little girl to giggle like that. And I have a lot of toys.

I found out about GiftsToGive when I volunteered with my first grade class this November. I wanted to go back right away with my things to give. I would also like to volunteer again real soon. Thank you Mr. Stevens for meeting me when I came to drop off my donation. It was really nice to meet you. I hope that any girl or boy that reads this will give the things they don’t use very often to GiftsToGive too and make another person happy.”

We do this work because we believe in the power of children. We believe in their potential and in their unbridled altruism. Lyla reinforced for all of us the true power of giving and service. We are indebted to her!

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