Galaxy and Olivia are truly bright and shining lights!

Youth Philanthropy

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Elementary Philanthropist, Galaxy!

Today we met a most perfect grandmother, Jeanne Plourde and one of two young philanthropists; Galaxy.

Galaxy told us that she and her cousin Olivia had two backpacks full of school supplies to donate, for two children that were not as lucky as she and her cousin!

Talk about the power of giving!

We asked grandmother Jeanne to send us a note about how this all happened and here is what she wrote –

“Sparked by an article in the FAIRHAVEN NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS about your Stuff The Bus campaign, my granddaughters Galaxy, Olivia and I chatted about how lucky they were to fill their backpacks with supplies for school.

For some children that might not be true…..They each made a list and a few discount stores later were filling them with enthusiasm. Galaxy and I delivered them to you knowing they would find a great child who needs them. They each wrote a personal message on their notebooks wishing that person a wonderful school year. Thank you so much for your inspiration.”



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