Chef Victor shares more than just a recipe

GiftsToGive_Sorority_2_October21-2014_6-M Sixteen young women from our Normandin Middle School Sorority, spent two hours after school on Tuesday, with Executive Chef Victor Vieira.

Chef Victor brought $33.22 worth of groceries and demonstrated how to make two meals for five people that are not only nutritional but scrumptious! He talked to our young women about the food cost, engaging them in a math quiz for per-person servings comparing that to fast-food meals.

Talk about a service learning experience! Conversation abounded about how carrots are grown, the benefits of celery, we even learned that a part of the chicken is called an oyster! Chef talked about the different fats, comparing the meals that were being cooked and the fat content and types in processed food.

GiftsToGive_Sorority_October21-2014_12-X2Along the way, Chef talked about his middle school experience, the value of education and how much science and math had to do with his profession. He also talked about staying in school and that higher education was the difference between an OK job and a great job.

Photos from our afternoon are here.

Martha Kay, Executive Director of Educational Programming at GiftsToGive and Lead Mentor said ” Chef Victor was a big hit, our young ladies enjoyed the chef’s visit immensely. They have invited him back and talked him into teaching them how to prepare a Thanksgiving Feast. This hands-on experience is for us, a most perfect example of how our students can meld life skills with their academics studies. Chef Victor Vieira is our bright and shinning light and a perfect example of what it takes to build a more caring community.”

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