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We should not judge a book by its cover!

Birds-eye view of the GiftsToGive Philanthropy Factory

Family Thieves

This is a sad story.

For the last several weeks we’ve been experiencing a total mess, on our drop-off deck, when we come in on Mondays. Every single bag or box that was dropped off on Sunday when we were closed, had been opened or upended and a total mess. It was raining and a large percentage of the donations that were scattered were ruined. When we looked at the video recordings, we found a family of four thieves. An older adult female, a teen female, a young boy and an even younger little girl. We  have the license tag, from another security camera, but hope we are able to resolve this directly with the family rather than to file a criminal complaint.

Why it is so sad for us is; besides the stealing – the mess they left was ruined when it started to rain. Then of course there are the children are being educated about thieving! Taking something because you need it is one thing, destroying the balance is shameful, not to  mention the possibility of selling it at a flea market or yard sale.

If you know the family, please let us know – or ask them to call our CEO, Jim Stevens at 508-717-8715 x 111. (Clear images of the older two females are at 1:30 and 1:50)

Adult Story Telling With Gilly – 3rd Wednesday Each Month!

Gilly has incredible story telling skills, his voice, captivating and sincere, has the power to keep you listening and keep you inspired. For us Gilbert is a bright and shining light and a most perfect example of what is the best in us!  Thumbs up for Gilbert and we wish him all the best with his club!

Adult Story Telling With Gilly is held at 1:30pm on the third Wednesday of every month at the downtown New Bedford Public Library.

Feast of the Blessed Sacrament Parade 2017