Delta Phi Epsilon and Phi Kappa Theta – Truly A Force For Good!

Delta Phi Epsilon and Phi Kappa Theta Students from Bridgewater State University

Delta Phi Epsilon and Phi Kappa Theta Students
from Bridgewater State University

What do you get when you mix sixty-five university students, stir in a sorority and a fraternity, add in four hours of time, sprinkled with 5,000 pounds of donated items, fifty or so middle school students and of course – twenty-two pizzas? Read on!

Bridgewater State University students from Delta Phi Epsilon and Phi Kappa Theta worked together and proved that there really is power in numbers and that great things can be accomplished when we work together.

For us, mixing these university students helped our middle school student volunteers see another side of maturity, student life and possibility. What excellent role models for our younger student volunteers. Over 120 students, of all ages, worked together and made a week’s worth of donations – disappear!

Talk about the power of giving, service and role modeling! These amazing BSU students set a new record for the amount of donations processed in one “work-shift” and their results will enable us to help over 200 local children in-need with a great gift-package of clothes, books and toys.

With over 30,000 SouthCoast children living in poverty and over 3,000 of these children homeless – the need is overwhelming. Today these sixty-five students worked together to help change that!

Photos from our day are at Facebook  – or from our album

Jim Stevens, CEO and Founder of GiftsToGive said – “Dr. King said that to serve all you needed was a heart full of grace and a soul generated by love”. “I saw that today in the eyes and hearts of 65 amazing young people who could have slept in on a lazy Saturday, but chose instead to make it a day ON and not a day OFF!” “When people ask me how we are able to help so many children, and build a more caring community along the way – I will tell them the story of the Sorority and Fraternity brothers and sisters from BSU!

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