A story of great hope for this generation of children

Cardinal Spellman Students

Cardinal Spellman Students

This week we met sixteen students from Cardinal Spellman High School in Brockton.

Photos from our day are here

We talked as a group about child poverty, the importance of education and graduating high school. We talked about giving, philanthropy, making a difference, social justice, big citizenship, the power of one, the power of a group and then we went to work. These sixteen students inspected, cleaned and processed enough great stuff to allow us to help three dozen local children in-need. How great is that?

Part of what we ask students to do is to think about their experience with us and write back with their reflections from their visit. Some of their thoughts are here.

Jim Stevens, CEO and Founder of GiftsToGive, had this to say about TeamSpellman – “These students impressed us and we’re not easily impressed. We see over a thousands students a month at the mill. The great majority of them are terrific young people – they’re with us to help – to make a difference. These Spellman students came to us understanding that to whom much is given, much is expected and for us – we’re grateful to see a school that not only teaches those values but facilitates their students to experience what it means in the most tangible of ways!”

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