Volunteer Code of Conduct and Behavior

  1. Volunteers relate to contributors, other volunteers and staff members in a warm and friendly manner, and are courteous at all times.
  2. We do not tolerate verbal or physical abuse.
  3. Volunteers accept supervision from staff management.
  4. Volunteers contact staff members immediately with problems.
  5. Volunteers respect the confidential nature of client information.
  6. While your safety is very important to us, volunteers are responsible to exercise reasonable care, and to use accepted safety precautions in carrying out assigned duties.
  7. GiftsToGive is a drug-free and smoke-free environment. Drugs are allowed only with a written doctor’s prescription. Any volunteer considered to be impaired will be asked to discontinue volunteer services immediately, and will not be allowed to return.
  8. Volunteers are to dress appropriately for work in a warehouse.
  9. Volunteers may use the GiftsToGive telephones. Personal mobile phone use is allowed only when necessary and restricted to the lobby area only.
  10. No headphones, ear-plugs, mp3/iPod use are allowed in the mill.
  11. No food or beverages are allowed in work areas.
  12. Anything considered to be a weapon is not permitted on the premises. A “License to carry” does not restrict our right as a corporation to regulate the possession of weapons on our property; therefore all firearms, handguns, knives and  ammunition are prohibited on GiftsToGive property.
  13. Volunteers who smoke may only do so outside; at the north, rear, covered loading dock in the back of the building. All butts must be disposed of properly in the appropriate butt containers.
  14. Volunteers will not engage in any activities that may be considered a conflict of interest.
  15. No volunteer will have any financial interest or receive any compensation or gratuities.
  16. Volunteers will report all accidents or injuries immediately to a staff person.
  17. Volunteers will not use any inappropriate language.
  18. Stealing, or willful damage of any property is wrong, will not be allowed, and will result in immediate removal from the mill and possible legal action.
  19. Any questions regarding any of the above must be directed to a staff member before starting your assignment.
  20. We make an effort to RECYCLE 100% of our office and work process waste. Before you throw anything into the dumpster, look into the Recycling Center location at the front loading dock.
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