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Ella and her brother, collected enough stuff to help eleven children!

“We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future” – Franklin Roosevelt

We see thousands of children every year; children that are privileged and children that are not privileged. Privileged means different things to different people, regardless, most kids seem clueless – privileged children are clueless about how lucky they are and children not as privileged, are clueless about the choices they have.

If we are to model tangible philanthropy and big citizenship – we need to walk the walk and we need to start in elementary school. Offering children a place to share their treasure and to do actual work (tangible philanthropy and experiential learning) and participate and share values with others (civic engagement and big citizenship), is for us, what makes change.

Help us raise connect a generation of children to something larger than themselves!

Youth Philanthropy Stories

Volunteer as a family – Middle and High School Students may volunteer alone (After a first visit with a parent to authorize future visits and complete a simple parental permission form)

               Download our Elementary Philanthropy Flyers

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Endylise’s Flyer                              Molly’s Flyer                               Paige’s Flyer                          Roman’s Flyer                        Hunter’s Flyer

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