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“The most important object in Boy Scout training is to educate, not instruct.” Sir Robert Baden-Powell

We’re proud to host Troop 7animatedAmericanFlag

At GiftsToGive – we’re all about supporting youth initiatives and we’re open to accepting proposals from youth groups that need a mentoring organization to help support their efforts. Troop 7 is one of the youth groups we support, by providing meeting space and participating in some of their events/programs.

Please direct your interest/questions to them directly, their website is linked below. The following content they supplied to us:

“Troop 7 is registered with the Narragansett Council of the Boy Scouts of America and is located in New Bedford Massachusetts, they are sponsored by the Friends of Troop 7 which is a community organization dedicated to serving the youth of Greater New Bedford. Troop 7 meets weekly, throughout the school year, on Tuesday nights from 6:30- 8:00 P.M.  at the GiftsToGive mill, located at 21 Cove Street New Bedford.

New Eagle Scout Kenny & company with Jim Stevens, CEO of GiftsToGive.

New Eagle Scout Kenny & company

Troop 7 serves boys aged 11-18 from the greater New Bedford area who want to participate in fun and challenging outdoor activities while making friends and learning important life skills. Troop 7 is a small troop, emphasizing a wide range of activities that appeals to both younger and older Scouts by offering a fun and exciting outdoor program which boys plan and execute activities under the guidance of adult leaders.  Troop 7 provides A Scouting atmosphere that is safe, and free of bullying intimidation, discrimination, and harassment, and offers positive adult role models who help youth to grow and develop character and learn to make ethical decisions to prepare them to become young adults and tomorrow’s leaders.

Troop 7 is “boy led, adult supported” in that the youth members of Troop 7 will plan and execute activities and events for their benefit as well as the benefit of the community, while the adult leaders will provide a supporting role to provide guidance and ensure safety and the adherence to B.S.A. Policies and federal, state, and local laws. By placing decision-making, planning, and execution of activities in the hands of our Scouts, they will have the opportunity to learn invaluable life skills including; responsibility, leadership, problem solving, independence, mentoring, and teamwork.”

Boy Scout Troop 7 – New Bedford
Meetings are on Tuesday Nights from 6:30-8:30

Boys 11-18 are always welcome to join us!

 Visit Troop 7’s website for more info




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