Monday, January 16 – Our 2017 MLK Day for Middle School Students

giftstogive_mlk-2017_logo_v1-webAs always, on our National MLK Day, January 16, we closed at noon for special student programming.

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Morning volunteers, 9-noon, were welcomed and a group of forty Bristol County Savings Bank employees and their families processed a ton of donations, helped fill gift package requests from local agencies for local children in-need and presented us their annual gift of $10,000 to help underwrite our operating expenses!

We bused 125, local, middle school students to Normandin Middle school for a three hour “Teach-in”.

This year’s topic covered the May, 1963, Birmingham Children’s March. (Curriculum and documentary film below)

Erik Andrade, a spoken word performer, artist, poet and activist, spoke to the students about his recent trips to Flint and Standing Rock and with historic perspective and his special talent for engagement, inspired students to stand-up and make a difference.

A tasty Domino’s lunch was provided by Domino’s on Ashley Blvd

After lunch, students”Marched” to the GiftsToGive Factory in Acushnet.

At the factory they reflected on their day, our shared experience and history, participating citizenship, personal responsibility and their service commitments to our community going forward!

Children’s March Teacher’s Guide

General Service Learning Curriculum

2017 Logo

2017 Poster

Education and economic empowerment lesson

Environment and economic empowerment lesson

Birmingham – May 1963

VIDEO: From Teaching Tolerance – A project of the Southern Poverty Law Center



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