Mandated Community Service

Our business is connecting thousands of local children to “Giving and Service” through their donating and then doing actual volunteer work in our factory. We use adult volunteers to facilitate the management of the business and supervision of student volunteers.

We are NOT in the business of providing mandated community service to adults referred by courts, probation departments, rehabilitation programs and state and city agencies. We will, on occasion and by exception, accept mandated adult volunteers and students 17 and younger.

Students 17 and younger and mandated Community Service STUDENTS must be accompanied by their parent or guardian for their fist visit. Two forms will be required and can either be completed at the time of the first visit or downloaded HERE and completed in advance.

We have a three step process for mandated ADULT volunteers:

  1. An informal personal interview with a GiftsToGive senior volunteer manager.
  2. CORI form (18+)  must be completed in person, at the factory (a photo ID and SS card are required).
  3. GiftsToGive Volunteer Code Of Conduct Agreement (Linked below) must be reviewed and signed.

Volunteer Code Of Conduct Form Download HERE

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