Cause Marketing and Branding

ThinkAboutItCause Branding as a business strategy that helps an organization stand for a social issue(s) to gain significant bottom line and social impacts while making an emotional and relevant connection to stakeholders. Cause Branding is a powerful vehicle that brings a company’s values to life. it is a multidimensional strategy, integrating and maximizing philanthropy, community relations, marketing and human resources to build brand equity, enhance reputation, cultivate trust and positively influence stakeholder behavior, while improving society.

If you are a local business, we’d love to talk to you about the dozens of possibilities we see as joint venture, community partnerships designed to help your business and to help our charitable efforts. Contact our CEO, Jim Stevens by email or telephone 508-717-8715.

The best source document we know of, is a Cone Communications research paper – Cause Branding.


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