About GiftsToGive

GiftsToGive is building a new currency for philanthropy. We are re-building a more caring community, focused on local child poverty,  literacy, service to others and giving.  We call it “Tangible Philanthropy and Big Citizenship.”

At first glance, GiftsToGive is a former golf ball factory turned into a philanthropy factory where thousands of child workers process zillions of pounds of  donated children’s gear that is then recycled, re-purposed and gifted to local children in-need.

But wait – there’s more! Our primary mission is to give all SouthCoast young people – the privileged and those in-need – an opportunity to practice Big Citizenship and Tangible Philanthropy through their gifts of time and treasure. Children come to understand, through their “doing” the power of giving and service and that we all have gifts to give.

Watch our CEO and Founder Jim Stevens tell the (2011) story of GiftsToGive, and introduce us to the students and adults who are among our key volunteer team. Jim also talks about a shared vision to connect a generation of young people to something bigger than themselves.

Local press and video –


SOCO Magazine

SouthCoast Insider, May 2015



Fairhaven Neighborhood News




December 10, 2015











Bristol Community College, Entrepreneurship Awards Keynote









RADIO “Bridge For a Cause”, “Stuff the Bus”


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