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City On A Hill High School Students, Making A Difference

Twenty-five students and staff from City On A Hill High School spent their morning with us. We worked on gift packages, books and toys. Rather than us telling the story, we asked student Sarah Bethoney for an essay on their group experience.

Here is what Sarah had to say: “Coming to GiftsToGive was a great experience. Learning the process of how we can help the people in our community and seeing all the work that goes into it is a phenomenal thing to see. My peers and I came to GiftsToGive to volunteer by helping organize books, clothes and toys to go out to children.

Birthday Boys: Brothers and Bright and Shining Lights!

In walk four year-old Tobias and six year-old Galen, with dozens of brand new toys and books to donate. They told us a remarkable story, that their parents  had helped them celebrate their respective birthdays; Tobias with a swim party and Galen with a football party. They asked their friends to bring an unwrapped present for GiftsToGive to help local children who were not as fortunate and would not get a birthday present!

Student Intern Jonathan Klinker in the News (Again!)

Our Student Intern, Jonathan Klinker, makes the news! We are all so very proud of him!

Reprint from 18-year old, Jonathan Klinker has earned 141 merit badges during his time with the Boy Scouts.

“I’m about one of 5 in the nation or so that has earned 141 and one in scouting history that have earned all the merit badges,” said Klinker.

Klinker has mastered many skills and many consider him a jack of all trades including woodcarving, canoeing, swimming and emergency preparedness.

What makes Klinker’s accomplishment so rare is that one only needs 21 merit badges to become an Eagle Scout. In fact, there are only 137 badges available right now.

Other badges available include water sports and even nuclear science.

The teen has also raised thousands of dollars for St. Christopher’s Church in Tiverton and remolded a half century old bathroom, all by himself.

Although he’s proud of his accomplishments, Klinker says it has a greater meaning.

“It’s sort of about giving back to the community and making the world a better place,” said Klinker.

The Eagle Scout will be heading off to college and hopes other young scouts will follow in his footsteps and become a leader.

Words of wisdom from an eight year-old!

Wisdom is all around us, if we listen. Most recently, brilliant, simple and very clear wisdom came to us from Sophia, our favorite eight year-old, Uber Volunteer!

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