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Listening to Deborah Bright

How to deliver criticism so employees pay attention.








Words of wisdom from an eight year-old!

Wisdom is all around us, if we listen. Most recently, brilliant, simple and very clear wisdom came to us from Sophia, our favorite eight year-old, Uber Volunteer!

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The greatest gift of all!



Acushnet, Massachusetts. December 16, 2016

Wednesday morning, December 14, at 1:20am, we had a fire outside our building. Our transformer shed, two-feet from the building, exploded and caught fire.

Acushnet Fire Chief Kevin Gallagher and his firefighters stopped the fire from spreading to our building, which would have put us out of commission at the busiest time of the year! Never mind the terrible thought of a fire fighter being hurt or the fire putting us out of business … literally!

Being Inspired By Alyssa

giftstogive_alyssa-maitoza_october21-2016_02This afternoon, we were overwhelmed by a remarkable young woman, Alyssa Maitoza, a 17 year-old Dartmouth High Senior, GiftsToGive Volunteer and this year’s Miss Massachusetts’ Outstanding Teen. With the help of her father and brother she delivered a ton of terrific stuff, lots of it brand new!

Every once in-a-while we see a young person that is truly a bright and shining light. A light so bright we see the true power of giving and service! Alyssa inspires even us and we’re in the inspire business!