25,001 new volunteers arrive at the GiftsToGive Factory in Acushnet

GiftsToGive_May13-2016_%20017-X2Beekeeper Bill introduces 25,001 new volunteers to GiftsToGive

Uber volunteer Bill O’Keefe has volunteered (one more time!) to add beekeeping to his management of our tomato garden.

Each year we grow very special heirloom tomatoes, gifted to us by local attorney Bob Feingold. Half we donate to the city food pantry, the other half we divide among volunteers.

When researching bees, student interns discovered a mystery. Pesticides and the perfect crime. Widespread bee die-offs, and bees often just vanishing. One beekeeper calls it the Perfect Crime—no bodies, no murder weapon, no bees. What’s happening to the bees?

We’ve installed a colony of bees on our factory roof (photos here). We hope to help re-establish some balance. Stay tuned and thank you Bill!

This video is a gift from Student Intern Camron Frazier. (Voices you hear are Camron and Beekeeper Bill’s body guard, Thomas.)

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