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UPDATE – (September 21)
We are (still) temporarily CLOSED for Volunteers at the Factory, but ….


Please help us build our RE-OPENING FUND!









50,000 Volunteers THRIVING!

Resident Bee Keeper Bill O’Keefe, reported today that our honey bees are thriving, bringing back tons of pollen and making pounds of Acushnet honey. Bill has decided to add a third hive in the next few weeks!


Umass Dartmouth, Student Video

QUESTION: What do Umass Dartmouth students; Mikella, Samantha, Tracy, Jennifer and Veronica have in common, besides being passionate about recycling, re-using and re-purposing?

ANSWER: They are bright and shining lights focusing on issues important to the whole world!

We cannot thank them enough for choosing us as an example.

Coalition of Community Organizations Come Together for Mental Health Awareness

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of local community organizations have been meeting to strategize response efforts for those most vulnerable in our communities. Having identified mental health as a critical need for many, these organizations have come together, with the generous support of a $25,000 grant from the South Coast Community Foundation, to create a campaign in effort to end stigma and strengthen mental health, aptly named Help and Hope Southcoast.

Listening to Chloe

115 Old Rochester Regional Junior High School students spent last Thursday and Friday with us. We ask each group for a “journalist” to write about their experience.  Rather than our writing their story, they did. Student Chloe Bean had this to say:

“When I first found out that my 8th grade class was going to take a field trip to GiftsToGive, I was excited, but a little unsure of how we’d be helping out. What I learned is that at GiftsToGive, there are new donations being dropped off everyday, and therefore, there is always a job to be done. Many of my classmates were doing tasks like sorting and folding clothes, cataloging comic books and deciding their age levels, checking for missing pieces in puzzles and games, and even cleaning and dressing toy dolls. I helped out by cleaning toys and sorting them into boxes by category, and interviewing my classmates about their experience of the day in order to write this article.

Big Value is more than a store!

For the past ten years, Big Value, has been a bright and shinning light focused on love and giving.

They have given us a ton of new items. They’ve given us financial help. They’ve sent us scores of volunteers. They’ve helped us collect tons if donations.They helped us get our Thrift Store up and running.

Recently we received several checks totaling a thousand dollars. Included was a note advising that when the ban on plastic bags was in enacted, BigValue offered paper bags to their shoppers, for ten cents per bag. We were surprised to learn that we are the recipients of that initiative. When we did the math, it works out to TEN THOUSAND plastic bags were saved from the land-fill.

When people ask us about Corporate Citizenship and Tangible Philanthropy, we smile and tell them our BigValue story! There are a thousand places to shop for basic essentials, quality goods and bargains. Why not visit Big Value in South Dartmouth and see for yourself what a bright and shining light looks like!

Learning a thing or two from Ollie!

Ollie, an 8 year-old, third grader, started a book club at Sippican Elementary in Marion this year.

Parents and Educators organized a holiday party for the book club group and all the kids decided to donate gifts to GiftsToGive instead of a gift exchange among them.

Ollie’s dad told us that it was great for Ollie to be able to learn more about all the kids and families that benefit from their donations.

Why we volunteer

Rising Tide Students Reflect a Bright and Shining Light!

“CLICK” for photo archive

When people ask us why we do the work we do. We talk about the children we meet every day.

Today we met teens from the Rising Tide School in Plymouth. They sorted through a ton of children’s clothes and enabled us to help dozens of  local children who don’t have warm clothing.

Rather than us talking, we wanted you to hear what student Anna Smith had to say:

Inspiration from a ten year-old! (Really)

“CLICK” for higher rez image

We could tell the story, but it is much better coming from a Mom!

“Leah volunteered in December at the GiftsToGive Philanthropy Factory. While we were there, she learned that they were in need of new soccer balls, basketballs, footballs, children’s under garments and children’s toothbrushes. When Leah heard this she knew she wanted to help.

It hit close to her heart since her family is very involved in sports. Sports equipment is all over her house, she wanted every kid to be able to have a ball.

Leah turned 10 on February 18th and for her sleepover, she asked that everyone bring items for GiftsToGive in lieu of gifts. She was very excited to see the amount of balls that everyone donated!”



Whaling City Golf Course focuses a bright and shining light on Corporate Citizenship!

We had a visit from Sue Carlson, one of the new team members at the Whaling City Golf Club. Sue had this to say –It was my pleasure to visit yesterday and learn a bit more about GiftsToGive.  It is an amazing organization; it gives us hope for the future! We will be back to volunteer.

Bishop Stang Fresmen Class – Connecting to Giving and Service

One of our annual traditions, is meeting the entire Bishop Stang Freshmen class at the factory.

Photo archive HERE. (This year’s photos are a gift from students; Amelia Bailey and Emily Iovanna)

We could talk all day, about what is right about young people, but we prefer they talk for themselves.

Thank you to student Veronica Bernier for the following essay:

Got a bike you don’t need? Help complete the circle!

Our wonderful friends at Yesteryear Cyclery are hard at work. Got a bike that is in good shape and want to help a local child have it?

Where do you volunteer?

Where do you take the children in your life, to volunteer?

Freetown-Lakeville Middle School, 7th Grade

We recently hosted the 7th Grade from Freetown-Lakeville Middle School. We could tell you what the experience was like for us, but student journalist Lucas E. Quinn sent us this essay and the photos are by student photographer Julie Medeiros. (Photos from their visits are here.)

” Rows upon rows of shelves lined the walls. Everything on those shelves had been donated from someone like us. Colorful toys were being cleaned and fixed and given new life, so that more families in poverty would have something to look forward to. This was the view I took in when I first walked into the factory known as GiftsToGive.

Worcester Academy

Students from Worcester Academy made a field trip to visit with us last week. Photos from their visit are here. We ordinarily would talk about the experience, but teacher David Baillie was kind enough to send us the following:

“Community. We’re about community.”

“This was the response of a student to a seemingly simple question: “What is Worcester Academy all about?” The question, posed by GiftsToGive founder Jim Stevens, hung over the fifty Worcester Academy students for several heartbeats before it was answered.

We had traveled that Saturday morning from Worcester to Acushnet to fulfill a community service obligation, a school-mandated requirement that is part of every student’s experience. The fifty boys, all upper classmen, were dorm mates; they boarded the bus that morning without complaint, napped or talked or joked around for the hour it took to get to Acushnet, and then assembled in the bare-bones repurposed warehouse that served as the factory’s base of operations.

Wareham Middle School, Student Philanthropists

Wareham Middle School, Student Philanthropists

By: Evelyn Chase, Grade 7

“Philanthropy is about promoting the welfare of others. That is exactly what the organization GiftsToGive is all about. I have been to GiftsToGive five times now and during every single group orientation tour they tell us “50,000”. Then one of us always asks the obvious question; 50,000 what?

It may be silly that I remember that number but I also remember what comes after it as well. 50,000 is the number of children living locally in poverty. This statement always gets to me. What this means is that one of your friends, that person you thought was odd on the bus, or even a complete stranger, could or is living in poverty. So hold on and let me explain a little bit more. The definition of poverty is the state of being extremely poor. And although I may be going a little bit off topic with this one, it is extremely important. Just because you may think you know everyone’s situation you really don’t and that is what GiftsToGive in my opinion promotes.

40,002 New Volunteers Arrive at the GiftsToGive Factory in Acushnet


Beekeeper and Gardner Extraordinaire, Bill O’Keefe

Uber Volunteer and Beekeeper Bill O’Keefe introduces 40,002 new volunteers to GiftsToGive

Uber volunteer Bill O’Keefe has volunteered (one more time!) to add beekeeping to his management of our tomato garden.

Each year we grow very special heirloom tomatoes, gifted to us by local attorney Bob Feingold. Seventy-five percent we donate to the city food pantry, the balance we divide among volunteers. Last year we harvested 1,100 pounds!

When researching bees, student interns discovered a mystery. Colony Collapse Disorder – Pesticides and the perfect crime. Widespread bee die-offs, and bees often just vanishing. One beekeeper calls it the Perfect Crime—no bodies, no murder weapon, no bees. What’s happening to the bees?

City On A Hill High School Students, Making A Difference

Twenty-five students and staff from City On A Hill High School spent their morning with us. We worked on gift packages, books and toys. Rather than us telling the story, we asked student Sarah Bethoney for an essay on their group experience.

Here is what Sarah had to say: “Coming to GiftsToGive was a great experience. Learning the process of how we can help the people in our community and seeing all the work that goes into it is a phenomenal thing to see. My peers and I came to GiftsToGive to volunteer by helping organize books, clothes and toys to go out to children.

Birthday Boys: Brothers and Bright and Shining Lights!

In walk four year-old Tobias and six year-old Galen, with dozens of brand new toys and books to donate. They told us a remarkable story, that their parents  had helped them celebrate their respective birthdays; Tobias with a swim party and Galen with a football party. They asked their friends to bring an unwrapped present for GiftsToGive to help local children who were not as fortunate and would not get a birthday present!

Words of wisdom from an eight year-old!

Wisdom is all around us, if we listen. Most recently, brilliant, simple and very clear wisdom came to us from Sophia, our favorite eight year-old, Uber Volunteer!

CLICK for Story

NBC Providence, News 10

2017 MLK Day,  Student Teach-in and March January 16, 2017 (Link)

Rochester Man and Woman of the Year!

"CLICK" for Story

“CLICK” for Story

We could not be prouder than to be members of a tribe with these type of leaders!

The world seems upside down. When we look for leadership it is all around us, but in ways that sometimes are hard to see or understand.

Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections every once in a while. When you volunteer, you vote every time you volunteer about the kind of community you want to live in.

The greatest gift of all!



Acushnet, Massachusetts. December 16, 2016

Wednesday morning, December 14, at 1:20am, we had a fire outside our building. Our transformer shed, two-feet from the building, exploded and caught fire.

Acushnet Fire Chief Kevin Gallagher and his firefighters stopped the fire from spreading to our building, which would have put us out of commission at the busiest time of the year! Never mind the terrible thought of a fire fighter being hurt or the fire putting us out of business … literally!

Thrift Store PSA

Concept, Creative, Direction and Production by students at Boston University’s AdLab

Cardinal Spellman High School, Day of Service


Other photos HERE

It’s one thing for us to talk about what we do, it is entirely a better thing when a student volunteer talks about their experience. We are so proud of the students from Cardinal Spellman, and even prouder, if that is possible, of Charli.

Changing Lives One Gift at a Time.
By: Charli Carey

My name is Charli Carey, and I am currently a junior at Cardinal Spellman High School in Brockton. While preparing for our annual service day, several of my classmates and I struggled with the decision of which service site to volunteer at. Last year, as a sophomore, I volunteered at GiftsToGive, and knew that I wanted to volunteer there again, this time as a junior. I spoke with several of my classmates about what they were expecting when they volunteered to serve at GiftsToGive.

UPDATE: You say tomato, we say tomahto!


gtg_garden_august2016What a harvest! One thousand, one hundred and fifty pounds (1,150) of organic, heirloom tomatoes!

President of the Horticultural Division, and Senior Beekeeper, Volunteer Bill O’Keefe, reports that we gifted 750 pounds of tomatoes, in 22 varieties, to the PACE Food Pantry, downtown New Bedford. Even better news, it appears our honey bee colony is thriving!

Thrift Store PSA filming

Sunday morning in Acushnet … A crew from “AdLab” at the School of Communications at Boston University and our own Sophia; uber student volunteer, actress extraordinaire and 3rd grader!
Photos from our morning HERE

HELP NEEDED for “Gently-Used” Children’s Items



We’ve been overwhelmed with gift requests from local children’s agencies for warm winter clothing!

We need help from local families, for children’s items; clothes, books, shoes, coats, toys and baby safety items (car seats, pack & plays, high chairs and safety gates)

We are open for drop-offs, Monday-Saturday, from 9-2.

Directions here.

Download a flyer (below) and help organize a neighborhood, school, office, business, church, temple, mosque or community collection drive

A Recipe for Hope: An Inspirational Grandfather, A Remarkable Third Grader, Tomatoes, Honey Bees, Tangible Sincerity and a Cast of Thousands!

Acushnet, Massachusetts. August 12, 2016



We are in the business of creating a more caring community – daunting, to say the least, what with global warming, terrorism, congress, the senate, Wall street, child poverty, recent politics and random shootings. I’ve written about this before, nothing new, just maybe a little more depressing. We have reached a place as a society that is truly upside down.

Now, for a story of hope and its most amazing, albeit convoluted, recipe. If you’ll bear with this writer, (It’s not the shortest of stories) I promise to fit all the disparate pieces together to explain why I am so hopeful.

This story comes together when we meet Sofia, a 3rd grader, who wanted to spend some time volunteering over her summer break (her mom Christine is amazing). Sophia happened to arrive at the factory the same day that our friends at Honey Bee City sent us the new additions to our beehive and a free youth helmet. Two minutes after Sofia and her little brother and Mom arrived, our resident volunteer gardener and chief beekeeper, Bill O’Keefe, arrived, to check on the honey bees and our new tomato crop!

“The Normandin Middle School Sorority” Defining Youth Philanthropy


Kayla Smith, Flavia Miranda, Adrienne DePina, India Santiago, Sabine Charles, Anitra Alves, Alianah Grajales, Sofia Dias, Diana Jesus, Rylee Nogueira, Natasha Ferro and Martha Kay. (Not in order)

Two amazing women; Natasha Ferro and Martha Kay have been mentoring groups of middle school girls, after school, since 2012 at the Normandin Middle School.

“The Sorority” morphed into a Youth Philanthropy Group this year and with the guidance of Natasha and Martha their young women focused on issues that concerned them. In the beginning of the school year, they brainstormed a list of needs within our community and settled on animal abuse, domestic violence, gang activity, and homelessness.

This week they made a presentation to the Greater New Bedford Homeless Providers Network. Their speech was inspiring as was their work. Their speech defines the work they’ve done, please read it.

Learn, Lead, Serve, Succeed

GiftsToGive_June2-2016_AdM_webLearn, Lead, Serve, Succeed is the mantra for the Alma del Mar Public Charter School.

We are huge fans of the work they do and especially of how much they have been able to accomplish since starting four years ago. We have always supported their community service efforts and we recently had a visit from their entire 5th grade class.

Photos from our day are here.

Rather than we tell the story, we asked 5th grader Rosa to interview some of her peers and send us a story.

Being inspired by Sam

Sam2-webOn a cold and drizzly Saturday, October 14, 2014 to be exact, in walks a 13 year-old young woman who matter of factly and unpretentiously tells us that she wants to help local children who don’t have the basic things they need; clothes, books, toys and birthday presents. She goes on to tell us that she wants to start now and off she goes to work in the factory on her first volunteer day!

This remarkable young woman is Sam McGill. Sam is currently a freshman at Greater New Bedford Vocational Technical High School and has accumulated 470 volunteer hours to date, mostly on Saturdays and we are hard pressed to think of more than a few Saturday’s Sam has not been with us! Sam is currently helping us manage our Thrift Store.

The power of one multiplied by three!

tsToGive_Skills_GNBVTHS_April2016_03We talk a lot, about the power of one. Today we are talking about the power of three; Alexia, Kelvin and Victoria.

tsToGive_Skills_GNBVTHS_April2016_13On the first Saturday in April, it was blustery, rainy and promised snow! Saturdays are a busy day for us, there are usually over one-hundred student volunteers at the factory helping us inspect, process and organize tons of donations. In the middle of what we like to think of as controlled chaos, in come Alexia, Kelvin and Victoria with a ton of their own donations. They had collected all this wonderful stuff for local children in-need as a part of their SKILLS USA competition at Greater New Bedford Vocational Technical High School.

In walk these two clowns ….

Matt and Richard, AKA Dusty and Hoopy

Matt and Richard, AKA Dusty and Hoopy

Literally, in walk two clowns; Dusty and Hoppy. They are are very special people. They have worked tirelessly helping us, both as clowns, at our events and as hard-working volunteers. As volunteers they have invested hundreds of hours helping us build infrastructure and capacity. Matt and Richard are truly extraordinary people. We cannot thank them enough!

At first we did not recognize them because they were wearing business suits! They brought us a check from the Clowning For Kidz Foundation. Had they had their clown suits on, we would have been suspicious, you know … a rubber check! But the suits and the check were real.

Listening to Emma ..



We met a most remarkable, twelve year-old on Saturday. Emma is a student at Kickemuit Middle School. For her CCD Project, she collected enough things for us to be able to help several dozen kids who don’t have the basic things they need. We asked her why? What this amazing twelve year-old told us, inspires us to do more and be better!

“My grandfather is a long time high school coach and every season he has had his sports teams spend time volunteering at the GiftsToGive facility. Over the years the teams have also conducted book, toy, clothing and new sock drives.

Listening to Gilly

Gilbert Cabral

Gilbert Cabral

Gilbert Cabral is our Good Will Ambassador and our Volunteers With Disabilities Advocate. He was the first volunteer to register with GiftsToGive in 2009 and has donated over 6,000 hours of his time. Gilly works three days per week answering phones, coordinating volunteers and making everyone here feel better about themselves and others. Gilbert Cabral is a bright and shining light and sets an example for what is the best in us. He truly inspires us to be better and to be more connected and loving. Last week he gave us copies of a poem and essay he wrote in 2002. We think it is even more relevant today and we want to share it with you.

“Look Beyond the first impression, The first impression is what you see on the surface. What you see is not all of me, What I see- is not all of thee. So in looking beneath and beyond the surface, We can see the good in the heart, mind, and soul.”

Freetown Lakeville Middle School – Friends Of Rachel Club

GiftsToGive_March15-2016_ 014Yesterday, we met a most remarkable group of students from the Freetown Lakeville Middle School, Friends Of Rachel Club.

Rachel Scott was the first student killed in the Columbine High School shooting in 1999. Darrell Scott, Rachel’s father, established Rachel’s Challenge to perpetuate his daughter’s example and the two-page “Code of Ethics” she wrote a month before her death. The organization’s mission is to “motivate, educate and bring positive change to many young people”. The Rachel’s Challenge program includes establishing Friends of Rachel clubs in schools, following the initial presentation, to sustain the campaign’s goals on a long-term basis. Schools around the country have incorporated Rachel’s challenge into their own clubs bringing the message to their students.

Girl Scout Troop 68123 Does Amazing Things And Wants To Do More!

GiftsToGive_March12-2016_ 058Last Saturday two representatives of Girl Scout Troop 68123 delivered a ton of hygiene supplies. We were flabbergasted! We never have enough of these type supplies to place in our gifts packages. They’re on a new mission, one of early literacy and they need our help. Please reach out to them if you can help!

We asked their leaders to send us a story, so that we had some context and could share. Here is what they had to say – “The girls in New Bedford Troop #68123 chose to use donated funds they received during their cookie program booth sales to buy baby shampoo, powder, and lotion — based on GiftsToGive stated need for these specific items. They also put together “kits” for adults & children — including shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, combs, and petroleum jelly.

Stronger Together




GiftsToGive_february25-2016_ web



Last night, after work, twenty-five Partner’s Insurance Group Associates descended on us. They are on a mission to continue their commitment to help us build a more caring community.

At the beginning of winter, they raised over $22,000 to help with the build-out of our new space, by hosting a social in Fall River. Last night they helped us process a ton of donations, helping us substantially catch up on a backlog from the holiday season. Photos from their evening of work are here.

Senior Uber Volunteers Honored!

GiftsToGive_february6-2016_Ubers_webOn Saturday night we hosted a dinner dance for 200 public school teachers to acknowledge and celebrate their work and importance to our community. That story is here.

Our CEO, Jim Stevens, before addressing our guests, asked the Senior Uber Volunteers in attendance, to stand with him.

Our 2016 MLK Teach-in and Day Of Service

MLK2016-Logo-WebWe focused this special holiday on our service learning initiative with local Middle School students. We bused two-hundred students to Normandin Middle School.

Forty high school and college student leaders and select faculty, facilitated a three hour “Teach-in” revolving around the history of the voting rights movement, the activism and specifically, how students made a difference then and can again. The program also focused on the importance of voting and participating citizenship. (Day after local press here).

Bristol County Savings Bank Focuses A Bright And Shining Light On Corporate Citizenship And Community


Thirty professionals, spend their “Day off’ as a “Day on”

Thirty volunteers from Bristol County Savings Bank (BCSB) signed on, on their day off, to help us manage 250 students who were spending the MLK holiday with us, after the students spent their morning at our Teach-in at the Normandin Middle School (Teach -in story here).

900 pairs of socks donated … no way! WAY!

t1200-DSC_07521,800 individual socks were donated to us on Tuesday of Christmas week, from an extraordinary group of students at the Dartmouth Middle School.

According to our accountants, that is 900 pairs. At three pairs of socks per child, in every gift package we distribute, 300 local kids in-need will have new socks in January!

Listening To Emma!

GiftsToGive_december19-2015 tnA story about her visit with her classmates, from Emma. Photos from their day are here.

It’s a Saturday in Acushnet, and a group of students from Rising Tide Charter Public High School are spending it sorting clothes. Rising Tide’s Community Action Club has been planning their December 19 trip to GiftsToGive for weeks, and twenty five students arrived in the sprawling warehouse building excited to work.

Our Magical Thrift Store!

MARCUM Walks The Walk!

marcumWe spent the day with a remarkable crew of business professionals. Photos from our day are here.

Corporate volunteers from MARCUM’s Boston and Needham offices spent their day with us. They did a huge piece of work and helped us process a ton of toys, clothes and books and even helped us paint the floor in our new thrift store!

Community is what we make it.

Lions First Vice District Governor Sharon Audette. Jim Stevens GiftsToGive CEO and Lion's District Governor Roland Grenier Jr.

Lions First Vice District Governor, Sharon Audette and Lion’s District Governor, Roland Grenier Jr. drop-off much needed items for local children in-need.

Ask a Lion for help and a hundred Lions respond.

When our CEO asked the District 33S Lions for help with school supplies, and warm winter clothing for local children in need they overwhelming responded.With over 40,000 local children living in poverty the need is tremendous.

With the tangible support of local Lions, hundreds of children in-need have the essentials they need.

Listening to Anastasia

GiftsToGive_November4-2015_ 033webWe met a remarkable group of faith-based, high school students this week. Photos from their visit are here. We asked junior, Anastasia to write about her experience. Here is what she had to say.

By Anastasia  – “On November 4, 2015, fifteen eleventh-grade students from Cardinal Spellman High School, including myself, hopped in a bus and drove almost an hour to Acushnet for one of the most eye-opening experiences of our lives. As none of us had ever been to GiftsToGive or knew about everything it stands for, we quite frankly didn’t know what to expect for the trip. Despite this, though, the students and I were just as excited as ever to get to work and make a difference in the poverty surrounding our area.

Dartmouth High School Girl’s Soccer Team Give Back to Their Community

GiftsToGive_October31-2015_webSubmitted by student Casey G.

“A team is a group of people linked in a common purpose.

Today, Dartmouth High’s Girls Soccer Team showed great teamwork while volunteering at GiftsToGive. The team has been putting in time at GiftsToGive for the past 3 years and they do not plan on stopping. Head Coach Poirier believes, “the value of a project like this is that young people get an opportunity to find out two things. First, is how well off they are and second, is that there are a whole lot of people who have little or nothing in the way of material things.”

Happy Birthday Jaxon!

Jaxon Anthony Pemberton 2We met a most handsome, well behaved, smart and philanthropic, one year-old on Tuesday. His name is Jaxon Anthony Pemberton. Jaxon has no idea yet, how very lucky he is, but our sense is that he will grow up inherently understanding the power of giving and service.

Jaxon’s mother Elizabeth and father Joseph started a birthday tradition, beginning on his first birthday; that Jaxon, besides growing up to be healthy, well educated and faithful, would also understand his place in the world and his responsibility to help others. Jaxon donated several dozen brand new presents to help us with our Happy Birthday Program.

Listening to Gabriela

GiftsToGive_October21-2015_ GCWe see thousands of students every year – sometimes we ask one of them to write a story of their experience. Sometimes one of their stories makes us stop what we are doing and listen – really listen.

Today we are listening to Gabriela; you should too!



Listening to Madeline, truly a great hope for her generation!

GiftsToGive_October16-2015_ 003A small but mighty group of Moses Brown Freshmen and Seniors spent part of their day with us, last week. We asked Freshman Madeline to write about their collective experience.

We talk a lot about service learning; to have this remarkable high school freshman reach the enduring understanding that she has, inspires us to be better and do more!

Listening to Olivia, eighth grade philanthropist!

GiftsToGive_October9-2015_ web

Youth Philanthropist Olivia

We see thousands of student volunteers every year, most are amazing! Some are extraordinary and then there is Olivia. To call Olivia super extraordinary or unbelievable, would be an understatement!

Olivia has volunteered with us for five months and in that time has directly helped hundreds of local children receive clothes, books, toys and other basic essentials. Recently she arrived with bags and bags full of brand new items to donate.

We asked her to tell us in writing what was going on and here is what she told us – ” I was first introduced to GiftsToGive while on a field trip with my fellow classmates and teachers from the Albert F. Ford Middle School here in Acushnet. After spending half of a school day volunteering in the building, I decided I would begin coming back throughout the summer. Through the course of the summer I worked to assemble clothing packages for children. When I first assembled the packages, I was blown away by how many orders there were to be filled.

Bishop Connolly Students Define Youth Philanthropy

Matthew, Jonathan and Arthur

Matthew, Jonathan and Arthur

When people talk to us about what is wrong with kids today; we smile and listen politely, then reply with a recent story about Matthew, Jonathan and Arthur.

Read the local paper’s story here.

Johnathan who is a sophomore at Bishop Connolly High School has been volunteering with us since he was in the 7th grade. Jonathan has set a record for helping Newport County Rhode Island families and is now recruiting fellow students to do the same.

DMW Fundraising – Sets A Most Perfect Example Of Corporate Responsibility!

GiftsToGive_September26-2015_ 001webLast Friday we met some seriously wonderful people, from DMW Fundraising. They came to volunteer and they brought a ton of stuff with them to donate.

DMW’s president, Debbie Merlino, told us – “Our recent experience at GiftsToGive opened our eyes to the large number of children living in poverty on the south coast and just how great the income disparity really is. It also changed how we see and think about what a non-profit organization can be.

Listening to Wendy – A student’s perspective on service.

GiftsToGive_September22-2015_Tabor_ 038-1920x1079Tabor Academy student Wendy Liu accepted the assignment of reporting back on her group’s volunteer experience yesterday. Here is what she had to say – “September 22 may be another mundane Tuesday for most students, but not for those at Tabor. Today was our Service Day which takes place every semester; students and faculty members volunteer in various places, one of which is GiftsToGive.

Some from Tabor have been to GiftsToGive multiple times, while others stepped into the factory for the first time today. Caitlin, a junior to Tabor, is new to this activity. Today she sorted clothes for adults and kids. She recounts that the most difficult part of the job was to decide what to re-cycle because she wanted to “keep everything.” In addition, the day at GiftsToGive has been influential, for she believes that their Directors’ empowering speech makes people “reevaluate [their] circumstance[s]” and rethink how fortunate they are.

Galaxy and Olivia are truly bright and shining lights!

GiftsToGive_August26-2015 002

Elementary Philanthropist, Galaxy!

Today we met a most perfect grandmother, Jeanne Plourde and one of two young philanthropists; Galaxy.

Galaxy told us that she and her cousin Olivia had two backpacks full of school supplies to donate, for two children that were not as lucky as she and her cousin!

Talk about the power of giving!

We asked grandmother Jeanne to send us a note about how this all happened and here is what she wrote –

We are in awe of the generosity of our neighbors!


UPDATE: September 3, 2015

GiftsToGive_September1-2015_ 001

What does 1,127 backpacks with school supplies look like?

Unbelievable! Seriously unbelievable! Actually amazing! We filled an extra 1,127 backpacks with school supplies specifically because of the generosity of some wonderful corporate partners and some pretty terrific neighbors. Photos are here.

Lions Clubs of District 33S Make Donations of School Supplies and Cash!

Bev and Sharon present a check to Jim

Bev and Sharon present a check to Jim

As part of our initiative to collect school supplies for needy children, twenty local lions clubs participated, collecting items including; 113 one subject notebooks, 64 boxes of pencils, 37 packages of markers, 177 rulers and 44 boxes of crayons, among many other school items.

Also, a check in the amount of $425 was donated to help defray the cost of other items. All this “Back To School Treasure” was delivered to us by Lions 1st Vice District Governor Sharon Audette and Immediate Past District Governor Bev Dillon.

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow!

To-Plant-a-Garden-is-to-Believe-in-Tomorrow-Audrey-HepburnSo …. here we are, in our new home in Acushnet. We’re scrambling to finish the retrofit of the new factory before the winter sets in and we’re bummed that we were not able to grow our tomatoes this summer, or even a fall crop of onions and beans would have been nice!

We’ve historically planted dozens of tomato plants and grown hundreds of heirloom tomatoes that we split – half to the PACE Food Pantry and the other half to the student volunteers who tend the garden!

Our friend, local attorney and tomato aficionado, Bob Feingold grows the plants and donates them to us every spring. Hence our seriously being bummed out!

Then a few fantastic things happened to us – all in row.

Sometimes a bicycle is more than just a bicycle. Sometimes a bicycle is a metaphor for building a more caring community!

yesteryear-2Sometimes a bicycle is more than just a bicycle! Sometimes a bicycle is the only means to get to work, or to open up new vistas. A bike is something privileged children take for granted and something, that a lot of times, is out of reach for under-privileged children.

We collect a lot of bikes, hundreds are donated to us each year. Half of them are OK but need a little work. The other half are terrible – embarrassingly terrible; rusted, worn out, unsafe and makes us wonder what people are thinking when they leave them with us.

The bikes that are good, generally need one or more safety interventions; brake pads, inner tubes, tires, chains fixed and wheels aligned. Which is not the easiest thing for us to do – actually it’s almost impossible. So a lot of good bikes never get re-purposed and gifted.

Kids Will Be Kids – But Not Always!

GiftsToGive_June17-2015_SH_ 084-X3Sometimes … kids will be kids and sometimes kids will be philanthropists!

We hosted a terrific group of  students this week, from our neighborhood school, The Albert F. Ford Middle School in Acushnet. One hundred-eleven 7th graders. They arrived full of energy and curiosity and left tired, proud and with an enduring understanding of how very lucky they were. Tired from all the work they did. Proud of what they accomplished and with a new sense of their place in the world, of their responsibility to themselves and to help others.

Photos from our day are here.

We asked if one of the students would report back to us about their experience. Here is what student Elizabeth Teixeira had to say –

The Community Club @ Fonseca Elementary School Shines Brightly!

GiftsToGive_Fonseca_June2015_17This week we visited a wonderful group of students in Fall River, at the Fonseca Elementary School. All are members of the “Community Club” an after-school program led by mentor extraordinaire, Josh Amaral.

Josh invited us to visit with his social entrepreneurs and young philanthropists on their last club day of this school year. He had organized a recognition ceremony and there would be cake!

Photos from our visit are here.

Berkley Girl Scouts Strike Again!

BerkleyGirlScoutsThe Berkley Girl Scouts Strike Again! This past week, Berkley Troop 75329 came back for a visit bringing a car-load of new toys for our Birthday Program. Photos here.

Here is what one of their leaders had to say: “Berkley Girl Scout Troop 75329 volunteered at GiftsToGive during our philanthropy badge back in January. The girls spent an afternoon from their winter vacation and processed clothes for children in need. Their afternoon made a significant impression on them.

Recently the troop had our annual cookie sales and the time came for the girls, ages eight and nine, to decide what to do with the money they had raised. Instead of using it for themselves, they decided to use a portion of their profits to buy toys for children in need and bring them to GiftsToGive. They could have decided to use them for anything, but GiftsToGive and their education on philanthropy made such an
impression, that they were compelled to give back to children less fortunate than themselves.

2nd Annual Acushnet Clamboil and Lobster Dinner – Sets Record!

What an amazing night! What an amazing food fest! What an amazing group of neighbors!

GiftsToGive_June6-2015_RisingTide_MS_091-MPhotos from our evening are here.

Two hundred neighbors spent their Saturday evening together! It was a blast!

None of this would have been possible without a most wonderful group of seriously giving people: We are so thankful and grateful to:

A story about tempered glass, but not really!

glaser2This is a story about tempered glass, but not really. This is really a story about a remarkable woman, Iris Wallace of Glaser Glass. It’s also a story about the power of giving.

Where to begin?

We opened our thrift store in Acushnet to help offset our programming and overhead expenses. We sell adult clothes and small home goods – things that are donated to us, but that cannot be re-purposed for children. The new store is open on Saturdays (only) and is doing well, primarily because we have terrific volunteer managers running it and the quantity, quality and pricing of the goods is unbelievable.

We secured terrific racking  for the clothes from a defunct business in Plymouth and with the help of a local donor we bought new, chromed wire shelving for our home goods department. We then learned, the hard way, that all our brick-a-brac and small items won’t sit right on a wire shelf.

Santander Volunteers, Set A New Record For Clothes Processing!

Last Monday, Santander colleagues spent the day with us.

GiftsToGive_June1-2015_ 004Shirley Gantz, VP of Partnership and Training said – “It was an overwhelming experience just to be able to see the amount of donations that come into the center on a daily basis. Tons of clothes, from infant to adult get donated on a weekly basis. We had the pleasure of inspecting and sorting the clothes into categories, sizes and genders. Thank you, GiftsToGive. Your passion for the underprivileged warmed all of our hearts. We look forward to enjoying another volunteer day with you and your “family” of volunteers.”

 Jim Stevens, our CEO had this to say – “Not one of these employees was paid to be here, they all volunteered on their own time. How good is that? What a bright and shining light these wonderful people are!”

Listening to Hunter

We just spent two days with students from the Rocky Hill School in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

It’s become an annual two day field trip and what’s the best for us is that we get to see students grow – not only in size and maturity but in their coming of age and increased connectiveness to giving and service. Photos from their service days are here.

Rather than explain more – we’d like to share what student Hunter Corbett had to say – ” Our annual Rocky Hill sophomore trip to GiftsToGive is one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the year. The upperclassmen fondly remember their excursion, and this year’s trip did not fail to live up to our high expectations. I think everyone in my class left with a desire to do more to help people. I know I am definitely going back to GiftsToGive to volunteer again in my free time.

What’s right with University Students? BSU students talk for themselves!

GiftsToGive_April25-2015_ 104We met a most remarkable young woman on Saturday, Jessie Barbosa. Photos from our day are here.

Jessie is a student at Bridgewater State University. She organized a day of service with several groups on campus. We asked Jessie to write about their experience, she had this to say – “On Saturday a group of Bridgewater State University students from multiple backgrounds, majors, and ages volunteered their time and services to GiftsToGive in Acushnet. This community service was made possible by a collaboration between The Center of Multicultural Affairs, Men Integrated in Brotherhood and the Community Service Office, which all form part of Bridgewater State University’s clubs and organizations. The students arrived around 9:00am, registered and then received a short orientation, which allowed them to understand the organization’s mission and familiarize themselves with the building.

A Bright and Shining Light!

Allison Thomas. Allison and Sierra

Thomas, Allison and Sierra

Thomas, Allison and Sierra are students at U Mass Dartmouth. They’re also representatives for Greek Life on campus. We’ve partnered with the Greek Life Council at UMD to help us connect middle school students to giving and service. We’re starting with their working together on Saturdays at the factory.

Thomas Leman, Student leader had this to say – “Today, we were able to take a few short hours and work at something that’s making life easier for children throughout the SouthCoast. As Greek life students (Phi Sigma Sigma and Chi Phi), we know how fortunate we’ve been to get to college and find familial support in our organizations. We now have a chance to help those less fortunate than us and to be that support for the young boys and girls who volunteer at GiftsToGive. We can be examples of hard work and perseverance to empower other student volunteers to do well in school and life. We look forward to being repeat volunteers and mentors to influence and foster greater success for local youth!”

Where Do Youth Leaders Come From?

GiftsToGive_April11-2015_ 001

Troop 80506 – Brockton, MA

We met four remarkable young women today. Girl Scouts all and they were on a mission – a mission to make a difference.

We asked their leader to write a short background on this small but mighty group, this is what she had to say – “When we started our Girl Scout season this year we had a significantly smaller troop. The girls that stayed had one common interest and that was to volunteer and make a difference.

They  started together as little girls being led by leaders. They are now young women making their own decisions and leading others to make a difference. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to make a difference. We look forward to coming back.”

Culinary Arts Students – helping to build a more caring community!


Students – Morgan and Kelynn

While our goal of building a more caring community is beautiful, it’s not easy.

Being connected is the foundation for our work and last Thursday we held a community conversation about children and social media, after work, at the philanthropy factory.

Students in the Culinary Arts Program at Greater New Bedford Vocational Technical High School supplied tasty sandwiches in four varieties and a wonderful salad and dressing – to feed 110 people, at a price that would make a caterer spin circles!

Inspired by Caitlyn

GiftsToGive_April3-2015 008Last Saturday morning we met a most remarkable girl, who did a most amazing thing!

We asked her Mom for details: “Caitlyn is a third grader at Pulaski Elementary School and she recently celebrated her 9th birthday. Caitlyn decided that she wanted to ask her friends to donate toys or clothing to GiftsToGive rather than receive gifts for herself. Through volunteering at Gifts to Give with her family, Caitlyn has realized the importance of giving to others”  

Caitlyn says: “There are so many needy children with no special toys. I am lucky to have more than I ever wanted. These children are very brave. I wish that these toys will give them a happy surprise on their birthday!

Video: Elementary School Philanthropy!

Our Student Intern, Jason, is in South Africa and Needs our Financial Help Now!

Snapshot 1 (4-26-2013 11-11 PM)

Jason Woolf

Jason spent his senior year at Dartmouth High School, as our Social Entrepreneurial Intern. He then went on to Watson University, NYU and is currently at University of Cape Town.

We think Jason is a bright and shining light and a most perfect example of giving and service. Jason has also become a “For Real” Social Entrepreneur.

Theta Delta Chi walks the walk!

UMD-greeks_feb28On Saturday, we met brothers from Theta Delta Chi, at UMassDartmouth

Peter Coyne, Theta Delta Chi Brother and Education Major had this to say – “I wasn’t sure what to expect when my fraternity, Theta Delta Chi, would be helping at GiftsToGive. Obviously I assumed we would be packaging toys and other things for children in need, but what I didn’t expect was the eye opening experience it turned out to be. Going on a tour of GiftsToGive was the first thing my fraternity did when we got there. I never knew some little old factory could contain tens of thousands of various items that are shipped to kids in need every day from this facility.

Student Nathan Turner – Outstanding Volunteer Acknowledgement

giftstogive_january19-2015_ 288

Nathan Turner receives the Gold Presidential Service Award

Nathan Turner is not your average young man. Nathan was acknowledged by President Obama for the President’s, Gold Volunteer Service Award.

Nathan has completed over 3,000 hours of volunteer community service. We’re so proud of Nathan. Nathan is a Junior at New Bedford High School and has been volunteering with us since he was in the 6th grade at the Roosevelt Middle School.

Jim Stevens, CEO and Founder of GiftsToGive said “ Nathan inspires us to do more and to be better. He is truly a bright and shining light and a most perfect example of giving and service. When we talk about young people making a difference, we talk about Nathan Turner!”

The New Bedford City Council honored Nathan on January 22 (See video below)

Circle K @ BSU Makes A Difference!

GiftsToGive_February21-2015_ 098Circle K students at Bridgewater State University, gave up part of their Saturday to make a difference.

We think they’re a most perfect example of giving and service and we’re looking forward to engaging even more.

Their president, Ashley Martins had this to say “Circle K International (CKI) is the world’s largest collegiate organization dedicated to service and leadership development.

Listening to Five Year-old Elmire

giftstogive_january17-2015_Kelli-and-ElmireWe just met two remarkable women; Kelli, an ageless beauty and Elmire, a five year-old beauty, brainiac and philanthropist.

Elmire had a birthday party last week and in her own words, told us: ” I just turned 5. I had a birthday party and I asked all of my friends to bring something to donate to GiftsToGive instead of a gift for me. It made me feel good inside.”

Berkley Brownies, help to define tangible philanthropy!

giftstogive_january2-2015_ 057aQ: What do you get when you mix nine Berkley Brownies with 500 pounds of gently-used, children’s clothes donations?
A: Enough warm winter clothes, inspected, sorted and organized to help 24 local children receive a great gift package!

Photos from their afternoon are here.

Here is an email we received from their leadership team – ” Thank you so much for allowing our Brownie Girl Scout Troop to come and volunteer at GiftsToGive and showing them that they can be an important part of helping others no matter how old they are. We had such a wonderful experience. The girls, at eight and nine years of age, were saying things like “this was awesome”, “it was a good experience”, and that “it felt good to help”.

Meeting Liam, four year-old philanthropist!

giftstogive_december-13-2014_ 048Philanthropy is a big word. It’s a big concept. For a child, it’s one of those ideas/concepts and values that takes perspective, experience and practice. Telling the truth, doing the right thing, not going with strangers, eating the right foods, washing your hands, respecting other people … but … giving away some of your toys, some of your treasure is a huge big deal! Very seldom do we meet a four year-old that had no problem with this, Liam brought us boxes full!

In this crazy mixed up world we live in, to see a four year-old wanting to share his treasure – inspires us to do more and be better at doing it!

There is more to this Brownie Troop then just cookies!

GiftsToGive_December-14a-2014_ 062Question: What is better than Girl Scout Cookies?
Answer: Girl Scout Philanthropists!

We hosted our “First Annual Crafts Fair For A Cause” last Sunday. Fifty-five Vendors came to sell their wares, among them was Fairhaven Brownie Troop 65427 and boy did they sell a lot of cookies!

What could be better than that you ask? They collected and donated 153 children’s books for us to re-purpose.

Twin inspiration!

Matthew and Lily

Matthew and Lily

We literally were overwhelmed with a huge donation of great new toys and other items on Saturday from FOUR year-olds, Lily and Matthew.

We work everyday at receiving donations from some very remarkable people, lots of them children, but this donation was overwhelming for us. It was overwhelming not only for the volume of the things we received but for how and why they came to us. We were so busy the day they arrived we really didn’t get to hear the whole story. We emailed their mother and asked for details. What we got back was the best email in recent memory.

Meeting Lyla

GiftsToGive_december6-2014_ 038Last Saturday, we met a most remarkable girl, seven year-old philanthropist Lyla.

We see thousands of children every year and most are special, some beyond words, some are extra special, some are even extraordinary and then there is Lyla. I say this because this seven year-old had processed and understood how lucky she was and felt she needed to act on her feelings.

Santa was in Mattapoisett on Sunday, eating pancakes!

Left to right -Officer Aldaberto Cardoso, Officer Nicholas Lorenco, Officer Scott Leblanc, Santa Claus, Officer Robert Randall, Officer Turner Ryan, Officer Kyle Pavao and Officer Justin King.

Left to right -Officer Aldaberto Cardoso, Officer Nicholas Lorenco, Officer Scott Leblanc, Santa Claus, Officer Robert Randall, Officer Turner Ryan, Officer Kyle Pavao and Officer Justin King.

Last Sunday morning the Mattapoisett Knights of Columbus and the Mattapoisett Police Association hosted a free pancake breakfast, with Santa.

Officer Nichols Lorenco, President of the Mattapoisett Police Association had this to say – “We partnered with the Knights of Columbus in their already established “Breakfast with Santa” and chose GiftsToGive as the recipient of our collection drive. This year we asked for each family to bring a new or slightly used gift, coat or book to later be delivered to GiftsToGive. We had a great turn out and met our goal in filling a police cruiser.

We would like to thank everyone who attended this event and the gifts they provided.”

Good Deeds – The Good Beads Project!

GiftsToGive_GoodBeads_03Two remarkable young women paid us a visit this afternoon,  Fairhaven High School seniors, Maddie and Hannah. They made a gift to us in the form of a check for $660!

GiftsToGive_GoodBeads_01They told us a most amazing story. “Jewelry-making is an ordinary activity that many young girls enjoy throughout adolescence. Making friendship bracelets and key chains is a memorable part of our childhood. Last Spring, we reconnected with the hobby by learning the practice of fabricating a sophisticated, marketable bracelet. We spent the spring preparing to sell ‘Good Beads’ at Fairhaven’s annual homecoming fair. ‘Good Beads’ are a variety of beaded bracelets made from wire and macrame string.

Chef Victor shares more than just a recipe

GiftsToGive_Sorority_2_October21-2014_6-M Sixteen young women from our Normandin Middle School Sorority, spent two hours after school on Tuesday, with Executive Chef Victor Vieira.

Chef Victor brought $33.22 worth of groceries and demonstrated how to make two meals for five people that are not only nutritional but scrumptious! He talked to our young women about the food cost, engaging them in a math quiz for per-person servings comparing that to fast-food meals.

Talk about a service learning experience! Conversation abounded about how carrots are grown, the benefits of celery, we even learned that a part of the chicken is called an oyster! Chef talked about the different fats, comparing the meals that were being cooked and the fat content and types in processed food.

MIB Group from Bridgewater State University sets a most perfect example!

Five brothers from Men Integrated in Brotherhood (MIB) a student group at Bridgewater State spent the day with us, helping to build racking for our new thrift shop.

They learned a lot about working together, team work, tangible philanthropy and big citizenship. They also did a wonderful job!

Gary Chow, Secretary of the organization had this to say in an email to our CEO “Today, was my very first community service of the year. Today me and a few fellow brothers from Men Integrated Brotherhood went to GiftsToGive.

We have re-opened in Acushnet!

" "Our original location in New Bedford was demolished and we moved five miles up the road. We’ve re-opened after having been closed for 12 weeks. We’re turning an old golf ball factory into a new Philanthropy Factory, powered by thousands of student volunteers.

We need adult volunteer help in the mornings, when our primary volunteers are in school, to help get the new space operational.  "                               "

Adult volunteers can “drop-in” any time between 9-2, every day except Sunday! There are a zillion things to do; from heavy lifting – interior demolition and re-construction, to light work of sorting clothes by gender and size, sorting books by age, inspecting and cleaning baby safety items and the never ending cleaning and organizing of toys, puzzles and games.

We need your financial help!

"                               "

The old cafeteria is now our temporary sorting room.

When we learned that our New Bedford mill was being demolished and we had to move, the good news was that our new home in Acushnet will significantly increase our impact and greatly reduce our energy costs.

We’ve encountered severe financial challenges in retrofitting the new space. Building an interior stairway to our loading dock, building an outside loading dock, putting in a concrete pad for our trash compactor, building out our new thrift store and event space.

Old walls coming down and new walls must be built

Please help us financially. If you can!

A check can be mailed or dropped-off. (We’d love to show you what we’re up to!)
1 Titleist Drive
Acushnet, MA 02743

Or if easier/better, please donate online.

online donation

Student Intern Receives 2nd Volunteer Service Award

CamRon Frazier and the SouthCoast Serves (UMD) Crew

CamRon, BaySox Mascots  and the UMD SouthCoast Serves Crew

CamRon Frazier, a New Bedford High School Junior, received his second SouthCoast Serves award for committing to and then completing sixty hours of volunteer service.

CamRon and BaySox President Pat Conner

CamRon and BaySox President Pat O’Conner

The ceremony was at Thursday night’s BaySox game versus the Mystic Schooners.

Jim Stevens, GiftsToGive’s CEO said ” CamRon has been volunteering with us since he was a seventh grade student at the Roosevelt Middle School. Over these last four years we’ve seem such tremendous personal growth in this fine young man. CamRon is truly a bright and shining light. He exemplifies the best of what is possible when a student is given the right support.”

Tabor Academy’s 2nd Annual Acoustical Evening to Support GiftsToGive


The Fireman Center at Tabor Academy

On a beautiful Friday evening in June, the GiftsToGive volunteer management team went back to school and experienced first hand, a most perfect lesson in giving and service.

Talk about Expeditionary Learning, Tangible Philanthropy and Big Citizenship!

The night was amazing, both in terms of community turnout and all-around great vibes!

We’re moving and we need your financial help now!

Our lease is up!  When our building was sold two years ago, our rent was tripled! Now it gets even better – we learn from the newspaper, that the mill is being demolished! The challenging news is that we need to raise the cash to retrofit the new space and then of course – to move all our stuff as soon as the public schools let out!

Please donate what you can – any amount matters!

Wareham’s Middle School Student Council set a most perfect example!

Wareham Middle School Student Council

Wareham Middle School Student Council

We came away from our day today – inspired! Wareham Middle School Student Council Members redefined altruism for us. Talk about the power of one and then multiply that by a factor of forty!

Photos from our day are here.

Wendy Brogioli, Student Council Advisor for the Wareham Middle School wrote – “Thank you very much for allowing us to help at GiftsToGive today. It was amazing to see such a big place filled with so many things that will be given to families in need. We had a great time sorting all of those toys, clothes, and books. This is one of the best field trips we’ve been on – mostly because we were helping kids, but also because it was fun. We’ll be back!

DeMello Elementary School – Student Council – A Force for Good!

DeMello Elementary, 4th and 5th graders

Joesph DeMello Elementary School
4th and 5th grade Student Council

On Monday, 70 members of Dartmouth’s Joseph DeMello School’s Student Council performed an afternoon of service..

The group of 4th and 5th graders, who have held donation drives to benefit some of the 35,000 local children living in poverty, volunteered their time inspecting, sorting and processing a zillion pounds of donated clothing and toys. They also experienced the power of giving and service in the most tangible ways!

When asked about her time at Gifts to Give, 5th grader Mia Paynton said – “I really enjoyed helping out today. I want to bring my sister and mom back to volunteer this summer. It is so important to help others.”

Photos from our day are here.

Dominik and Konlin Turn Five – But Wait – There’s More!

Dominik and Konlin

Dominik and Konlin

Turning five years-old is something very special. Especially for twins! Understanding philanthropy at five … well talk about making our day!

Saturday afternoon, two ball players arrived at the mill with a zillion brand new toys in tow. They explained to us that they wanted to help children who were not as fortunate as they were and who might not get a birthday present.

Parents Kathryn and Dennis had this to say – “It is truly our pleasure to be able to contribute. Our boy’s just turned five years old and had a wonderful party with family and friends. We have been truly blessed with two wonderful healthy boys, a loving family and many friends. We know that there are many in the community that are less fortunate than us, and we feel it is important to help others and give back whenever possible.

Presidential Service Award for New Bedford High School Sophomore!

CamRon Frazier receives the Presidential Service Award!

CamRon Frazier receives the Presidential Service Award!

What does the President of the United States and Sophomore, CamRon Frazier have in common?

Last Saturday night, at our First Annual “Rising Tide” event, we awarded New Bedford High School Sophomore CamRon Frazier, the Presidential Service Award.

First Annual Health and Safety Fair – A Huge Success!

GiftsToGive_May10-2010_DP_030-3235574897-OOver 100 students from Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School and Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School developed, marketed and staffed their First Annual Health and Safety Fair for Elementary School students and their families.

These amazing high school students turned 10,000 square feet at the GiftsToGive mill into a Spring Fair! Over 500 neighborhood  students and their families visited and had a great time, all the students learned a lot, got brand new books to take home and had a healthy lunch.

Jeanne Butler, a Health Careers teacher at Old Colony Voc Tech conceived the idea as a tangible service learning experience for her students. Jeanne forged an alliance with Greater New Bedford Voc Tech. She recruited over 25 community groups to exhibit. Her leadership not only launched an annual community event, but exemplified service learning with tangible and measurable results. When we talk about remarkable teachers, we talk about Jeanne Butler!

Photos from our day are here.

GiftsToGive_May10-2010_DP_101-3235598944-OTwenty-five community agencies exhibited and each had a learning component and terrific prizes and surprises. The SouthCoast Hospital Van did screenings. The Bristol County Sheriff’s Mobile Command Van gave tours and our favorite fire-fighters brought Ladder 3 out for the kids to tour and take photos.

*UPDATE* Earth Eve

GiftsToGive_EarthEve_April10-2014_25What a terrific afternoon! Photos HERE

With the leadership and mentoring of UMASS Dartmouth students – students from Roosevelt Middle School and Scouts from New Bedford Troop and Pack Seven joined together to support Mother Earth!

Bishop Stang High School Students Set A Most Perfect Example!

Bishop Stang High School StudentsWhat do Bishop Stang Students know that other students might not?

On a very rainy and cold Saturday morning sixteen Bishop Stang High School Students chose to make a difference. Their gift of donations and time will help over 50 local children, many of them homeless and all of them living in poverty!

Photos from our day are here.

Student Hallie Manchester had this to say about their visit – ” I woke up on Saturday at 7:30 to drive to Stang, where a medium sized group of us would meet before spending the day at GiftsToGive in New Bedford. Unsure of what to expect, I went through my normal morning routine and got breakfast with two of my friends who would be with me all day. When the three of us got to Stang, we went into one of the administration offices where there was a large amount of donated objects from clothes to children’s toys. As we loaded the bags and boxes into our cars, we were feeling anxious and wondered what this place was going to be like. We all were groggy and tired yet excited to be having the opportunity to help others.

New Bedford Half Marathon 2014

Team Jared

Team Jared

For us there is a special meaning in the half-marathon!

We’re a stop for the wheelchair teams. We like it a lot – when we all work together, amazing things happen.

We’re grateful to the New Bedford Half Marathon Race Committee and The Friendly Sons of St. Patrick for their continuing financial support and we’re so very proud of them for making this half-marathon such an inclusive and wonderful event. Our special thank you to Paul Mello and the BayCoast Bank volunteers for managing the last of the Schwartz Center wheelchair stops along the marathon route.

Photos from the New Bedford Half-Marathon and a part of our day are here.

A story of great hope for this generation of children

Cardinal Spellman Students

Cardinal Spellman Students

This week we met sixteen students from Cardinal Spellman High School in Brockton.

Photos from our day are here

We talked as a group about child poverty, the importance of education and graduating high school. We talked about giving, philanthropy, making a difference, social justice, big citizenship, the power of one, the power of a group and then we went to work. These sixteen students inspected, cleaned and processed enough great stuff to allow us to help three dozen local children in-need. How great is that?

Pembroke Community Middle School Sets Winter Coat Collection Record!

GiftsToGive_March6-2014_ 121

Pembroke Middle School
Student Leadership Club Students

Twenty-two, Pembroke Middle School, Student Leaders, SHATTERED our standing collection drive record for winter coats, by collecting and then delivering and sorting 714 coats and a ton of hats, gloves and scarves.

Some kids talk about making a difference, the Student Leadership Club students walked the walk and we have the photos to prove it!

Delta Phi Epsilon and Phi Kappa Theta – Truly A Force For Good!

Delta Phi Epsilon and Phi Kappa Theta Students from Bridgewater State University

Delta Phi Epsilon and Phi Kappa Theta Students
from Bridgewater State University

What do you get when you mix sixty-five university students, stir in a sorority and a fraternity, add in four hours of time, sprinkled with 5,000 pounds of donated items, fifty or so middle school students and of course – twenty-two pizzas? Read on!

Bridgewater State University students from Delta Phi Epsilon and Phi Kappa Theta worked together and proved that there really is power in numbers and that great things can be accomplished when we work together.

For us, mixing these university students helped our middle school student volunteers see another side of maturity, student life and possibility. What excellent role models for our younger student volunteers. Over 120 students, of all ages, worked together and made a week’s worth of donations – disappear!

Student Intern Opens College Fund Savings Account!

Asst. V.P. Nancy Wood<BR> at Bristol County Savings Bank <br> opens CamRon's Savings Account

Nancy Wood Dupont, Assistant Vice President and Branch Manager at Bristol County Savings Bank
opens CamRon’s savings account for college!

We think every student should have a savings account for college, most importantly – all students should start a savings account. Towards this objective, we’re launching a program with our student interns and our favorite bank, The Bristol County Savings Bank and our favorite banker Ms. Wood Dupont! Ms. Wood Dupont said“The Bank is pleased to partner with GiftsToGive in their efforts to educate their interns on financial literacy and the importance of savings. We believe these early lessons will pay dividends for the rest of their lives’. 

Yesterday, Student Intern CamRon Frazier opened his College Fund Savings account with the Bristol County Savings Bank – with matching donations from GiftsToGive CEO, Jim Stevens and Domino’s Pizza CEO, Nelson Hockert-Lotz in honor of CamRon being our trailblazer! Nelson had this to say –“The mission of every service organization should be to build leadership capacity and enrich lives. GiftsToGive gets that, and our supporting educational attainment among youth volunteers is simply at the core of that mission.”

A Most Perfect Birthday Present!

Janet and SIXTY pairs of socks!

and SIXTY pairs of socks!

Early adopter and GiftsToGive volunteer Janet Galipeau stopped in on Saturday to donate sixty pairs of children’s socks!

But wait … there’s more! Janet was on her way to her friend Susan’s 60th birthday party. What do you get for a special friend who has everything? How do you really express your love, your friendship, your caring?

For Janet it was simple – her gift to her friend Susan was something that money cannot buy –  “A Very Real Act of Kindness and Caring.”

Hadleigh and Braelyn exemplify the power of giving!

Hadleigh and Braelyn

Hadleigh and Braelyn

The longest journey begins with a single step. The first step in this story started with an email from Carolyn, Hadleigh and Braelyn’s mom –On 1/19 my daughters are turning 8 and 10. I am interested in having them and some friends volunteer at GiftsToGive as part of their party on 1/18. I see stories of kids that had friends bring presents to donate instead of birthday presents for them, could the girls and their guests also volunteer their time?”

Carolyn sent a follow-up email after the girls’ visit – “As parents, we try our best to teach our daughters about being thankful for their blessings and look for opportunities to give back to those in need.”

Got a “USED” Sports Ball?

Got balls? We’re collecting “gently-used” sports balls! Spring is on the way and our current inventory is wiped out!

Student Intern, Molly has organized a sports balls collection drive with the Boston University Hockey Team. On Friday February 28, in their game against Northeastern at BU, buy one ticket, get one free if you donate a sports ball.

Student Intern Stephen is working with Bishop Stang High School on a collection drive!

Department of Children and Families – Walking the Walk!

Department of Children and Families - New Bedford Office

Department of Children and Families
New Bedford Office

Sonia Cabral, Nicole Resendes, Julie Leach, David Martins, Garrett Gomes, Joshua Brien, and Jackie Bartoloni volunteered today and helped us inspect and sort children’s clothes. They also brought donations of clothing, toys and books.

DCF Manager Sonia Cabral wrote in an email  “Our agency is so appreciative for the incredible service and the help your organization offers not only to the families we serve, but also to the community. We look forward to future volunteer work and collaboration with GiftsToGive.”

A Real Life Science Experiment: The Ripple Effect!

Michaelah Noelle Nunes is an amazing young women!

Michaelah at the Miss New Bedford's Outstanding Teen Competition

Michaelah at the Miss New Bedford’s Outstanding Teen Competition

Michaelah has competed for 4 years in the Miss New Bedford’s Outstanding Teen pageant.

This is her second consecutive year hosting a community drive to benefit GiftsToGive as part of her chosen platform, titled A Real Life Science Experiment: The Ripple Effect.

Michaelah intends to show others how even the smallest form of contribution, much like a drop in a small pond, can have a ripple effect, reaching far and wide.

GNBVTHS students have gifts to give!

Alex Pinarreta

Alex Pinarreta

Michael Perreira

Michael Perreira

But wait … there’s more!

Lead by Michael Perreira and Alex Pinarreta students at the Greater New Bedford Vocational Technical High School and members of the Business Professionals of America (BPA) Chapter’s officer team held a donation drive to gather clothing, toys, and books for children ages three to twelve. The students and staff at the school generously donated many items which were delivered to GiftsToGive.

GAB About Giving!

Every once in-a-while, we’re flabbergasted and we don’t flabbergast easily!

GEORGIA-AND-ABBYNicole Long, one of our earliest adopters wrote last week – “SO PROUD of my niece Abby and her cousin Georgia: over Christmas vacation they brainstormed a charitable organization called “GAB” and collected over $100 in one weekend to help people less fortunate. This morning, Abby gave me the money… (Which is being matched by their Grandmother Blair!) to deliver to GiftsToGive and I can’t think of a more beautiful start to a new year. Love these girls and their giant hearts.”

Tabor Academy’s Baxter House – ROCKS!

Baxter House Students

Baxter House Students

The winners of Tabor Academy’s first quarter “Green Wars” competition, were the 25 young women in Baxter House! They collectively chose to give back.

Under the careful eye of the dorm’s “dean of green,” junior Sara Kosicki, the Baxter House residents were declared the campus’s best and most conscientious recyclers.  As a result, money accumulated at the redemption center was given to the Baxter girls as a prize for their dorm’s thoughtful approach to caring for the planet. Rather than use the money for a weekend pizza party, the girls chose to use the money to buy socks and underwear. Why?  Because they answered our call for help!  Our supply of new socks and underwear, essentials many take for granted, is dangerously low. Hearing this, these amazing students acted!

New Bedford Firefighters Define Giving and Service

Andy Bois, NB Firefighter (R) and Russell Souza, GiftsToGive  (L)

Andy Bois, NB Firefighter (R)
Russell Souza, GiftsToGive (L)

When we think about service, one of the first things we think about is our Fire Department. Men and women who put themselves in harm’s way every time they report to work.

Today we met Firefighter Andy Bois. Andy grew up in New Bedford with our Russell Souza and have they have kept a friendship since their school days. Andy brought us several hundred brand new toys courtesy of the New Bedford Fire Department’s annual collection drive.

Why I Volunteer at GiftsToGive

Why I Volunteer at GiftsToGive, by Sarah Davis Blodgett

Normandin Middle School Community Service Club

Normandin Middle School Community Service Club

I have been helping to manage mill operations this fall and winter. The last few weeks have been very busy as people clear out their houses to get ready for the holidays and their donations have been pouring in.

One donation that came in on Saturday, reinforced why I spend three days each week volunteering at this amazing children’s charity. It was several bags of children’s clothes, books, and toys with this accompanying letter:

Normandin Middle School’s Finest Make A Huge Difference!

Normandin's Finest!

Normandin’s Finest!

Every Monday and Wednesday, students from grades 6-8 at Normandin Middle School have chosen to take part in the 21st Century grant program – “Community Service Group.”  The purpose of the 21st Century program is to establish or expand community learning centers that operate during out-of-school hours and provide students with academic enrichment opportunities along with other activities designed to complement academic programming. Teacher John Martins oversees the programming and facilitates all the different after-school group’s needs.

*UPDATE* Marion Cub Scout Pack 32 – Fun, Blazing Speed and Philanthropy

Pack 32, Marion

Pack 32, Marion

Update: Monday, December 2, 2013  The Scouts of Pack 32 in Marion, made a huge difference today!

In November the scouts participated in their soap box derby and used the event to: help help a local family, collect donations for a food pantry and collecting “gently-used” children’s things for GiftsToGive.

This afternoon, after school, Pack 32 in full force –  descended on the mill in a literal caravan of vehicles, full of not only scouts, but the treasure they had collected between themselves and other families in Marion.

HELP WANTED: Adult Volunteers Needed!

Adult Volunteers Needed

Adult Volunteers Needed

We need adult volunteer help in the mornings, while our student volunteers are otherwise occupied, to help us process donations and fill orders.

*UPDATE* The Great Pumpkin For Early Literacy

What do pumpkins have to do with Early Literacy?

What do pumpkins have to do with Early Literacy?

On Saturday, 300 elementary students from our neighborhood visited the mill with their families and we celebrated reading and family.

Older students from ten area middle schools, high schools and universities were exemplary role-models. They staffed literacy-based game tables, greeted our youngest students and facilitated their choosing six, brand new books and a pumpkin of their choice.

We’re so proud of our older students and their volunteering to support learning to read and reading! Photos

Bridgewater State Students Strike Again!

BSU Students

BSU Students

There we were … early on a Friday afternoon getting ready for our Saturday event, The Third Annual Great Pumpkin For Early Literacy.

It was the end of a long week, the end of a long day and there was still a ton of work to do. Then a bus pulled up in front of the mill and twenty BSU students rolled out  .. all looking to make a difference.

These twenty students did the work of forty and when they finished  – all we needed done for our event was completed and we were good to go.

When people tell us about the problem with kids today … we’ll smile, we’ll wait politely for them to finish, and then we’ll tell them the story about the students we met on a rainy Friday afternoon from Bridgewater State University!

* UPDATE* Bishop Stang High School – Exemplifies Giving and Service


This year’s freshmen class set new GiftsToGive records! Not only in making a huge difference but they collectively processed a week’s worth of donations in a morning!

Besides setting a new record for the most amount of donations processed in a morning, this year’s class helped to define giving and service in a whole new way. Photos here.

Here is what Student Journalist, Will Landry had to say about their combined class experience:

Student volunteers join the GNBSPC walk!

Nathan Turner and Camron Frazier lead the GiftsToGive Walking Team

Nathan Turner and Camron Frazier
lead the GiftsToGive Walking Team

GiftsToGive student volunteers along with mentors Matt and Bob met up with over 400 neighbors in the first annual walk to raise awareness around the crisis we share as a community about the alarming rise in suicides, especially among teens.

Student leaders Nathan Turner and Camron Frazier took the point, they are GiftsToGive uber volunteers and founding members of the Gentlemen’s Round Table.

In Massachusetts, 43% of third graders are not proficient readers

What's more important than reading?

What’s more important than reading?

Performance in reading on the third grade MCAS has not improved since 2001. Among children from low-income families, a staggering 65% lag in reading.

The 2013 MCAS scores show that third grade reading proficiency rates have declined four percentage points since 2012.

This year, 43% of third grade students did not score proficient in reading. The consequences of failing to read by this age are devastating. Struggling readers are four times less likely to graduate high school on time, which in turn significantly impacts employment opportunities and lifetime earnings.

We have made no real progress on this critical benchmark. Unless and until we find a way to build a community around our children learning to read and then reading to learn – nothing will change.

Bridgewater State Students Define Renewable Energy!


Delta Phi Epsilon

Sixty BSU students from two groups: The Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority and The African Students Association came in at different times on Saturday and processed a week’s worth of donations in one day!

With over 30,000 SouthCoast children living in poverty, the need is overwhelming and we’ve been swamped with orders for back to school supplies and winter clothes.

We’re able to help 400 local children in-need as a direct result of their combined effort.

Tabor Academy students defining Tangible Philanthropy and Big Citizenship

Making a tangible difference

Making a tangible difference

Last Saturday, Tabor Academy students and their faculty/advisers descended on an old Berkshire Hathaway mill in the south-end of New Bedford and moved the needle!  Photos are here.

Their gift? – 400 hours of motivated, high energy labor. With over 30,000 SouthCoast children living in poverty, the need is overwhelming and we were able to completely morph our processing operation from summer into fall and winter, enabling us to help over 500 local children get the right clothes and school supplies for the new school year.

Talking the talk about making a difference is easy – doing the work, is another matter. For us – Tabor Academy students – walked the walk!

Boston University Freshmen Take New Bedford By Storm!

Boston University Freshmen – Friday's Team

Boston University Freshmen –
Friday’s Team

Talk about Big Citizenship – sixty-eight  Boston University freshmen spent two days with us. Their impact was outrageous!

These students gave a collective 400 hours of their love and their labor to help process thousands of items – “gently used” clothes, books, toys and school supplies. Photos from their two days are here

Talk about Tangible Philanthropy – their gift will help over 500 local children be able to start the new school year with the basic essentials they need.

With over 30,000 SouthCoast children living in poverty, the need is overwhelming and in two days we were able to process a week’s worth of output.


Student Intern, Molly

Student Intern, Molly


Molly’s quest to collect 1,000 gently used sports balls has hit snag after snag, then last week something positive happened.

The back story – Initially Molly went to the Bruins and asked for help in the form of a player coming to New Bedford and she and her hockey team would host a skating event. The Bruins could not send a player but did offer some of their surplus equipment – so that is working itself through. Then Molly went to the Celtics for help and they also could not send a player down to New Bedford. (You can see Molly’s letters to them below).

The positive thing that happened last week came in the form of Boston University and FYSOP! Sixty-eight incoming BU freshmen spent two days at the mill helping us process clothes (we were at the critical process place of swapping out summer clothes for winter clothes and getting ready for back to school.) See that story here.

Last week we received an email from Anthony Moccia asking to be connected to Molly. Who is Anthony Moccia you ask? Anthony is a senior at BU and was one of the chaperones for the the visiting BU freshmen. Here is Antony’s email –

Retired city educator teaching new lessons at GiftsToGive!

Martha Kay and two student volunteers

Martha Kay
and student volunteers

Every once in a while something happens that fuels change. That something, for us, is Martha Kay.

It’s one thing to facilitate thousands of children in community service, it’s another to connect them to service learning and then to something much bigger than themselves.

Some people talk the talk, others walk the walk, Martha does them both – every single day! Thousands of student’s lives are better for what they learned on her watch over 38 years as a New Bedford Educator and in her retirement Martha is continuing to connect thousands of children to a pathway for a better life. Rather than have us talk about her – we’ll defer to the Standard Times and the YWCA. Here is what the Standard Times had to say about Ms. Kay.

Abby shares her birthday – again!

Abby and her family

Abby and her family

Nine year-old Abby is in the 4th grade and lives over an hour away from New Bedford.

For the second year in a row, Abby asked friends coming to her birthday party not to bring her any gifts. Instead, she wanted them to bring new things that she could donate to GiftsToGive.

Abby likes to bring everything down to the mill with her sister, Maggie. Maggie is in the 2nd grade and just turned seven.

Student Interns Wrap Up Their Summer



Summer Intern Wrap-up Party Luncheon: Ice cream cake and water balloons in the conference room!

Our summer intern story is a story of: service learning,  small, medium and large challenges, heartbreak, immaturity, revelation, love, hope, mentoring, education, relationship, service, giving, daily Khan Academy math, frustration, maturity, modeling, customer-service, schedules, disappointment, hard projects, easy projects, hard work, being lazy, meeting hundreds of new people from all over, honor, consequences, integrity, reading, inspiration, fun, open heart surgery, wisdom teeth extraction, poison ivy, sunburn, “what-if”, public relations, marketing, communication, non-communication, truth, independence, explicit instruction, fetching, leadership, cleaning the lavatories, patience, respect, fractions, healthy choices, smart choices, not so smart choices, being invisible, gardening, grumpy adults, being seen and not heard, breaking things, loosing things, organizing things, asking for things, finding things, more pizza than you could ever imagine and pretty much all the other stuff that happens, every day, at the mill!

Student Intern Receives Service Award

Camron Frazier

Student Intern, Camron

15 year-old Intern and New Bedford High School Sophomore, Camron Frazier was honored Friday night at the Bay Sox final game by SouthCoast Serves  (a UMass Dartmouth initiative) for his extraordinary volunteer service. 

The Bay Sox ended their 2013 season with a 7-0-shutout victory over the visiting Ocean State Waves at Paul Walsh Field, which was nice!

Unaccompanied teens and community service at the factory.

front14Students 17 and younger, for their FIRST visit, must be accompanied by an adult to get credit for their community service hours at our mill. We will, at our discretion, make acceptations for for teens to return on their own, for future visits.

Summer Interns setting a most perfect example of giving and service!

Playground Builders

Playground Builders

Summer interns Freddy and Tyler, spent last Saturday volunteering at Alma del Mar, to help them build their playground.

Some kids talk the talk, others walk the walk and then there are the select few that help to define the great hope of their generation.

WAY TO GO …… Tyler and Freddy!

We think that Alma del Mar Public Charter School is the most exciting thing happening in public education and we help them whenever we can … you should too!

View and/or download  local story

A “truck-load” of fun for the Jr. and Sr. Friends of The Plumb Library!


The power behind the drive – the Wheeler sisters: Victoria, Catherine, Amanda, and Emily .

GiftsToGive Saturday was a “truck-load” of fun. The Junior and Senior Friends of Joseph H Plumb Memorial Library, Rochester, hosted a “Give and Go” drive for GiftsToGive last Saturday.

Lisa Fuller, who manages Youth Services said – “The Jr. Friends, the library youth group,  created signs, and donned in their Jr. Friends T-shirts, parked themselves on the side of the roadway promoting donations!   They also helped people unload their cars. They received many wonderful baby items, lots of toys and clothes, and even some monetary donations. The Sr. Friends helped sort the items, and load up the truck. They were very excited that the truck was at least half full!”

Dartmouth’s DeMello Elementary School 4th and 5th Grade Student Council
take New Bedford by storm!

DeMello Elementary School 4th & 5th Grade Student Council

DeMello Elementary School
4th & 5th Grade Student Council
Photos from the day HERE

Last Tuesday, sixty-four, 4th and 5th Grade, DeMello Elementary School, Student Council members and 10 adults, spent three hours volunteering with us at the mill, processing thousands of donated toys and articles of clothing.

Their gift? … 200 hours of inspecting, cleaning, sorting and processing power. Talk about giving and service!

Through their combined efforts, we were able to process enough great stuff to help 64 homeless and at-risk, local children.

Dartmouth Middle School Students Blow the Roof Off Book Donations

Librarian Laura Gardner and the Young Philanthropists

Librarian Laura Gardner and the Young Philanthropists

Dartmouth Middle School thought they’d collected a lot of books for GiftsToGive in 2010 when they collected over 3,200 gently used books for kids and teens in one week. 

Then they smashed that record in 2011 by collecting over 6,000 gently used books.

Now DMS students have smashed that record once again by donating 7,154 books! 

Nate Helps Others for his Birthday

birthday_nateWhen Nate invited friends to his birthday party, he asked them to bring gifts of new socks and underwear for boys and girls who didn’t have the things that they all had.

Nate agreed with his mother that he already had enough “stuff” and decided instead to help kids who didn’t. His friends thought this was pretty cool too.

Normandin Middle School’s Inaugural Sorority Group a Huge Success!


The Sorority at Normandin Middle School
End of Year Celebration Dinner
CCNB Executive Chef Victor Vieira made it a very special evening!

Normandin Middle School Principal Bill Burkhead “Blogs” on the Sorority and Mentoring

Nathan Collected Hygiene Supplies for His Eagle Scout Project

Nathan's Eagle Scout Project

Nathan DosReis

My name is Nathan Dos Reis I am a Boy Scout in Troop 20, Squanto District, Old Colony Council. Our troop is located at 400 Faunce Corner Road in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. I am a senior at New Bedford High School and I am enjoying this final year in high school.

Paige Donates Her Birthday Presents


Paige sets a most perfect example

Paige sets a most perfect example

Eight year-old Paige, did something amazing on her birthday.

Her parents held a party and Paige asked her friends to bring a new birthday present for a GiftsToGive child, who would not ordinarily receive a gift on their birthday.

Paige brought us 31 new birthday presents to be given to local children on their special day.

In her “doing” Paige has not only made a huge difference, but has become a most excellent example to her siblings and friends about the power of giving.

Hannah Raised $2,500 for GiftsToGive for Her Mitzvah Project!

GiftsToGive_Hannah_Nov10-2012_56-ThHannah McGuire is a 13 year old student at the Freetown-Lakeville Middle school. She’s also a philanthropist!

Secrets of Old Dartmouth

Project of the 1959-60 Seventh Grade class at the Crapo School

Original book gift of Martha Kay. Scan by Intern Jacob Garcia

“CLICK” to download/view